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Books About Thankfulness Photo: Solis Images The Wonderful Things You Will Be The THANKFUL Book by Todd Parr Thank You and Good Night by Patrick McDonnell In this bedtime story from the vegetarian creator of the comic strip MUTTS, a child has a pretend slumber party with her three stuffed animals. After she reads them a story, she says, “Now, before we go to sleep, let’s all say, what we were thankful for this day,” followed by a sweet, rhyming list of thank yous. You might want to in- clude this daily thankfulness ritual in your own bedtime routine! Each page offers somet- hing to be thankful about, and they range from really sweet, “I am thankful for my ears because they let me hear words like ‘I love you,’” - to really silly - “I am thankful for underwear be- cause I like to wear it on my head.” There’s even a huge drawing of a bunny eating a carrot with the words, “I am thankful for healthy food because it keeps me strong,” which will resonate with your veggie-loving babes! All of Parr’s books have super simple, brightly colored art that kids really respond to. by Emily Winfield Martin Giving Thanks – A Native American Good Morning Message by Chief Jake Swamp (Tekaro- nianeken), ill. by Erwin Printup, Jr. For those of us who celebrate Thanksgiving, this month is the perfect time to reflect upon what it means to be grateful and to appreciate all that life has to offer. Thankful- ness itself is beautiful and universal; this book is a celebration of “Thanks- giving,” from a Mohawk Chief who dedicated his life to spreading peace and conservation. Rather than reminding children of things they should be thankful for, this book is about all the thankfulness we feel as parents. Life can get overwhelming and this book is a sweet reminder of how special our little ones are and how lucky we are to be able to watch them grow. “The Wonder- ful Things You Will Be” is a beautiful way to let your child know how grateful you are to be their parent and is sure to bring a tear to the eye of anyone who reads it! All the World by Liz Garton Scanlon, ill. by Marla Frazee Another tearjerker, this gift-worthy book celebrates our connectedness with everyone and everything: “Nanas, papas, cousins, kin. Piano, harp, and violin. Babies passed from neck to knee. All the world is you and me.” We see simple pleasures - like climbing a tree, beachcombing, and the farmers market - alongside positive, supportive images of people breastfeeding, ba- bywearing, a lesbian couple, mixed-race families, and so on. This is a wonderful book to help instill an apprecia- tion for the little things in life. Darcy Reeder darcyreeder.com @ darcyreeder RAISEVEGAN.COM RV. 53