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W hy Couples Fight More During the Holidays Ah, the holidays. A time for eating too much food, drinking a little too much wine and being sur- rounded by your loved ones. So why do couples fight more during the holidays? While the holidays are a happy time, they can be incredibly stressful. All that running around visiting people, hosting friends and family, buying gifts, spending all of your free-time surrounded by extended family members of whom you quickly grow weary, it’s enough to stress out even the most level-headed individual. You find yourself without a moment to think about anything other than how much there is to do, so naturally, you take it out on your significant other. And forget about getting any time to yourself. There are people everywhere. All the time. Want to watch TV by yourself? You’ll be surrounded by kids in 0.5 seconds. Need to use the bathroom? By the time you’ve sat down, there’s a line of people waiting to get in. You may find yourself getting very short with peo- ple as the holidays continue and you haven’t had any alone time. Ever been sitting there surrounded by family and think, “I’d love to be at work,” just to get away from them? We’ve all been there! Given the circumstances, that’s to be expected. No matter how social you are, being surrounded by people 24/7 is exhausting. Money is another huge contributing factor to stress around the holidays. Between buying gifts for your loved ones and throwing lavish get togeth- ers for family and friends, the bills quickly add up. The holidays can be hard for everyone and, unfor- tunately, couples bare the brunt of it since they are used to venting to one another. When both parties are stressed to the max, it is nearly impossible to try to alleviate the other’s anxieties. Try to remember that everyone else is feeling it, too. Tempers are frayed, everyone is stressed, and slight differences in opinion often turn into huge blowouts, this comes with the territory. Try to take a break from everyone to calm down, take a walk, go to bed early, retreat to the basement and don’t tell anyone where you went, have that extra slice of cake simply because you deserve it. 48 R a i s e V e g a n NOVEMBER 2018 Photo: oneinchpunch