Raise Vegan November 2018 Raise Vegan - Page 4

Contents NOVEMBER 2018 LIVE LEARN 28. This Year’s Best Family Destinations Our top four picks! 11. The Rise of Coconut Products and Primate Exploitation 30. Be a Hero to Animals This Season Is your coconut water really vegan? SHARE 6. Editor’s Note 8. Cozy Winter Accessories How to keep the animals in your life safe from the cold winter weather 27. Dealing with Outside Influences How to help your child feel confident in their choices 50. Beauty Tips and Advice 36. Coming Out Series 53. Books About Thankfulness 41. Why You Gain Weight During the Holidays 57. Fall Activities for Kids Meet the crusaders behind the LGBTQ+ rights movement 9. December ‘18 Events 12. Flavors of Fall: Snack Recipes 26. Winter Coats for Kids The warmest cruelty-free outerwear 31. Navigating the Trigger Minefield of The Season Staying confident in your body 46. Meet the Doctor Interview with Dr. Rebecca Jones 54. Paging Paisley Ingredient Spotlight: Rose Five books that share the message of the season Indoor and outdoor family fun How to avoid the extra winter weight 42. Choosing a Prenatal Vitamin Lauren Panoff MPH, RD shares her tips 43. The Five Pregnancy Realities No One Tells You Finally, some #RealTalk about pregnancy! 44. Gestational Diabetes Everything you need to know for a safe and healthy pregnancy When your children don’t want to make the transition to plant-based eating 56. Family Spotlight Meet the Schickel/Sarkodie-Mensah Family 34. Genesis Butler Meet the young vegan activist who is changing the world 16. Fabulous Fall Recipes The ultimate holiday meal plan 50. Couple Trouble Why couples fight more during the holidays 51. Keeping The Peace Navigating the holidays with a non-vegan partner on the cover 4 R a i s e V e g a n NOVEMBER 2018 56. Winter Blues Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder