Raise Vegan November 2018 Raise Vegan - Page 36

COMING OUT Raise Vegan is able to bring you this series with the help of Lindsey Pembrooke (they/them), who has been involved in the New Haven Pride Center since 2016 and joined the Center’s Board of Directors this year. In addition to co-coordinating the Transgender Adult Support Group at the New Haven Pride Center, they are a trained group facilitator with PFLAG.org (plfag.co.uk) and active in support groups around the state and online. If you are non-binary or the parent of a non-binary child, you can find their support group on Facebook: Non-Binary Gender Pride. by Janet Kearney with help from Lindsey Pembrooke Photos by Shawn Golberg 36 R a i s e V e g a n NOVEMBER 2018