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G: Yeah, I think more people will be veg- an [in the future], and I think people kin- da have to go vegan because if they don’t change the way they eat, by 2036 we won’t really have a planet to live on. People need to take it more seriously, either you go vegan, or we don’t have a planet in the next few years. What I would say is, give it a try! If you want to go vegan for the animals, it’s simple, you’re not eating an animal, so you’re not paying someone to kill [an animal], so you are saving them, even if you’re just one person. The same as when I first became vegan, it was just me at home being a kid and I was just so passionate about it that I didn’t want to go back, so it is possible, and it just depends on how you view it. RV: We keep seeing people who insist being vegan is just the cool thing to do right now and that it will eventually pass. Of course, we know that it’s for the animals, not just a way to be hip. Do you think veganism is here to stay? G: I do think that veganism is a trend, but I think it’s great because kids think going vegan is cool now, so whatever helps people go vegan works for me. Whatever it takes to spread veganism and save the planet, then go ahead, and those kids who are passionate about veganism, they will spread the word and teach other people why and how easy it is. They’ll take food to parties and more people can try it, let- ting everyone know they’re not alone, and doing it for the animals and the planet. RV: Genesis, I have to say, talking to you has been such an inspiration, I feel empowered and refreshed! I cannot wait to see what the world has in store for you. Your efforts to save not only the animals, but also the planet, do not go unnoticed. As we’re coming to a close, our last question is, who inspires the inspired? Who would you love to meet? G: I’d like to meet Ariana Grande, she’s always posting her vegan food on Insta- gram and tagging the vegans of Instagram so I think that’s pretty cool and I would definitely love to meet her. I also think it’s cool that more celebrities are talking about veganism. RV: Thank you, Genesis, for taking the time to sit down and chat with us about all of the exciting things you have accomplished so far. Your dedication and passion are truly inspiring. For more on Genesis Butler, follow her on IG @aveganchildsjourney. Interview by Lynda Landaverde RAISEVEGAN.COM RV. 35