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M eet Genesis Butler, a trail- blazing eleven-year-old vegan and animal rights advocate. Despite her young age, she already has an impressive track record; she has appeared in documen- taries, given presentations around the country and she has even spoken at a TEDx event, she is the youngest person in history to do so. Her talk, “A 10-Year-Old’s Vision for Healing the Planet,” from April 2017, was about the environmental impact animal agriculture has on the planet and how going vegan can help reverse the damage. It came as no surprise to learn that she is descended from a long line of social justice warriors. Her great-granduncle was Cesar Chavez, an American civil rights activist and labor leader. At Raise Vegan, our core mission is to raise, and help other people raise, young men and women who will one day share Genesis’s commitment to the environ- ment. It is our hope that the future gener- ations we are raising will join her on the mission to help promote a more sustain- able life through kindness, compassion and activism. RV: Hi Genesis, thank you so much for this interview, we’re so excited that the younger generation has such a devoted role model to look up to! To start off, how did you end up advocating for the animals and becoming one of the leading voices for today’s youth in the world of vegan- ism? G: Hello! When I was 3 years old, my favorite food was chicken nuggets and I started to wonder where they came from. And I knew it didn’t just come from the grocery store, it had to come from some- where else, my mom finally told me that we killed animals for them. I was devastat- ed and said that I never wanted to eat them again. I had always loved animals, so I didn’t want to eat them anymore, and my mom agreed that I could stop. After a few months, and noticing that my mom was nursing my little sister, I asked her about where milk came from. When I mentioned that someone was stealing the baby cows milk from their own moms, she replied, “Actually, I never thought about it that way, but that’s exactly what it is.” “When I first became vegan, it was just me at home being a kid, and I was just so passionate about it that I didn’t want to go back, so it is possible, and it just depends on how you view it.” RAISEVEGAN.COM RV. 33