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The Road Coat If you’re anything like me, the thought of getting the winter coat on, getting the coat off, getting in the car and repeat can be incred- ibly daunting. Most times I’d rather find a reason to stay home and break out the board games instead of venturing out into the cold, but we all have to leave the house eventually. Winter Coats for Kids Sometimes my kids cry. Okay, they cry a lot. Wheth- er it’s from the clouds changing shapes, to someone breathing in the next room, I’d rather go up against the four horsemen of the apocalypse mid-December than to live through three more months of tantrums about getting dressed for the cold. The Road Coat from onekid® is vegan, crash test approved, and CPST verified. Each of my kids has two of them, and the four horsemen can stay at home! onekid.com One Duck Kid Started in 1914, One Duck Kid set its roots and standards long before veganism even became a thing. Their coats are stylish and light- weight with polyester filling instead of traditional duck feathers. They are also grease resistant, because if there’s one thing that attracts kids more than play- ing in the snow, it’s getting their hands dirty. www.savetheduckusa.com Patagonia Their beautiful Baby Nano Puff Jacket, modeled after their adult-sized version, is 100% eco-friendly, cruelty free and perfect for our little winter vegan babes. The lightweight insulation is made from completely synthetic materials, instead of the standard down or wool, allowing you and your child to be comfy and warm while remaining true to your beliefs. A wide variety of colors allows your child to feel free to be who they are and express their personality through their coat! www.patagonia.com/product/baby-nano-puff-jacket The Gap Looking for a stylish “leather” jacket for your little one to layer over their sweatshirts and sweaters? The Gap has you covered! This has all the style and pizazz of Bob Dylan and his musical coun- terparts. Brooklyn here we come! Play dates at the park will be taken to another level with this stylish option, especially when paired with gloves and a pom-pom beanie. There are no limitations to style when keeping warm and staying cruelty free! www.gap.com Always keep your mind open and never feel like you have to give in to the pressures of the fur and leather industries. There are plenty of vegan options out there, most of which are even better quality than their feather, fur and leather counterparts! Keep your kids warm and cuddly this winter while taking on the cold in cruelty-free style. Photo: Lopolo 26 R a i s e V e g a n NOVEMBER 2018