Raise Vegan August 2018 - Page 8

RV. COMMUNITY GET MORE RAISE VEGAN Sign up at RaiseVegan.com for our free newsletter for the cur- rent vegan parenting news! @kate_kismet @incogneato_vegan @reeteegfar @catlovinghippievegan TAG US IN YOUR INSTAGRAM PICS WITH #RAISEVEGAN FOR A CHANCE TO BE FEATURED! Instagram Poll TOP HEADLINES AT RAISEVEGAN.COM 1. FDA Sets On Crack- ing Down On Plant Milk 2. French Butchers Appeal To Govern- ment Due To Militant Vegans 3. US Food Regulators Fighting Over Who Gets To Regulate Cell-Cultured Meat @RaiseVegan 8 Raise Vegan AUGUST 2018 “Whether you are vegan, going vegan or just a family looking to be more positive and healthy, Raise Vegan is a powerful tool with inspiration, and information for families at all stages of life. Raise Vegan is the vegan millennial version of the Parents Magazine.” -101Mom