Raise Vegan August 2018 - Page 7

August 2018 Issue 09 EDITOR IN CHIEF Janet Kearney CREATIVE DIRECTOR “After A Long Summer, How Do You Prepare For The School Year?” Emily L Wood SENIOR EDITOR Lynda Landaverde COPY EDITOR Claire Chartrand CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Nicole Braden “L iving o ff c o ffe e .” -A.S. EXECUTIVE COORDINATOR Aoife Sheridan SOCIAL MEDIA “ S to cki ng up on ne w vega n sn a cks for my s on’s lunchb ox. . . a nd a c tually picking him up a ne w lunchb ox! ” -E.W. Kim Laboca Alex Daraio-Garrett PUBLIC RELATIONS Ree Tomasek “ We s tar t home s cho ol ing , as so on as we ge t the m ate rials ! I t shoul d b e inte re s ting te a ch - i ng and rel e arning it all with my kids ” -K.L. “This ye ar we’ll b e working on ge tting him a c cl im ate d to h aving his ne w sibl ing at home” -M.A. TRANSLATION Michelle Alvarado CONTRIBUTORS Lauren Panoff MPH, RD Kate Timmins Siri Steven Dr. Rebecca Jones GP Allison Lellos INHC, CIHC Paisley Anderson Liv Lundelius Hayley Rodemsky Emily Kru Haley Addis Darcy Reeder Lindsay Robeson Emily Fowler “ Pra c ti c i ng dre ssi ng i n uni form a nd p a ck- i ng a ne w s cho olb a g the we ekb e fore - h a nd . ” . -A.DG. Get In Touch For advertising inquiries please contact emily@raisevegan.com Please send all subscription requests to inquiries@raisevegan.com PO BOX 4243, 55 Gerard St Huntington, NY 11743 RaiseVegan.com RAISEVEGAN.COM Raise Vegan 7