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RV. TRAVEL Raise Vegan: Hi Lilly. Thanks for chat- ting with us. Your account was really helpful for our first trip to Disneyland with our infant, we’re so grateful for all your great posts. What made you start this account? Lilly: I’m a diehard Disney fan, I grew up loving everything Disney, and as a vegan, I always find it helpful to learn about where you can find vegan items in unlikely places. Some wouldn’t think that at Disneyland you could get vegan ice cream. So I just thought this would be a great way to help vegans and non-vegans alike. Raise Vegan: That’s great. It seems like your posts have been helpful for many people. When did you start your account? Lilly: I started the account after I became a passholder at Disneyland. I was going so frequently and finding so many great things that were vegan and no one knew about them. Everyone had this idea that there is only one vegan meal option, the only thing people ever talked about was this tofu skewer dish like that was the only thing they could eat. I wanted to shout, “Wait! There is so much more!” Raise Vegan: Really? Such as?! Lilly: There›s the ice cream I mentioned, gumbo bowls, a delicious jackfruit sand- wich, several vegan burgers, pasta, tacos, and even vegan pizza. Raise Vegan: Oh yes, we saw some of those pictures on your Instagram. Do you find It hard to figure out what is or is not vegan in the ingredients? Lilly: No, not at all. I was very surprised that everywhere I visited, I was able to personally speak to the chef and get all the ingredients. I think they are aware that there are a lot of families with diffe- rent needs and preferences visiting the park and they try to be accommodating, especially since so many people have allergies and various dietary restrictions. Raise Vegan: That’s so refreshing to hear. What has been the best part about starting your account and helping others discover the great vegan food at the most magical place on earth? Lilly: Connecting with like minded people and vegans like me that really enjoy Disney and all it’s magic has been my favorite part. Also, I’m pushing the idea that anybody can be vegan and they can do so anywhere. It is not just certain types of people that can enjoy a vegan lifestyle and families at Disney are no exception! Raise Vegan: That’s incredible. With so many fans on your account, Disneyland surely has had to take notice that vegans want to enjoy the parks as well! We saw in your story that you are releasing your own vegan Disney pins? We are so excited for this, can you give us some insider details? Lilly: Yes! I’m releasing my own line of vegan Dis- ney-themed pins. They’re technically considered “Disney inspired” because they are not licensed by Disney, but they will have animal rights messages inspired by some of the movies. It’s something that I am excited to bring out. I think Disney fashion is a huge thing and it will be great to have vegan and animal rights trading pins available. Raise Vegan: Where do we order? Lilly: Check my Instagram feed for ordering info! Raise Vegan: Thank you, Lilly, for helping vegan fa- milies to enjoy visiting Disneyland and for sharing great tips for dining and shopping while there. We wish you all the best luck with your new pins! @veganatdisneyland RAISEVEGAN.COM Raise Vegan 57