Raise Vegan August 2018 - Page 56

Vegan At Disney! Being Vegan At Disneyland Yes, it’s possible! Surprisingly, there are more vegan-friendly options available than one could even imag- ine! For those of us who would prefer to spend our day enjoying the park instead of scoping out places to eat, there are thankfully amazing online resources, from vegan Dis- ney bloggers to instagram accounts, dedicated to being vegan at Disney. 56 Raise Vegan Meet Lilly, she runs the instagram account @Vegan At Disneyland. Even though she rarely posts pics of herself, Lilly has over 31k followers and has made quite the name for herself. We sat down with Lilly and asked how she became the go-to-gal for everything Vegan At Disneyland, and to see if the big guys at Disney know who they should be thanking for keeping their vegan families happy and well fed! AUGUST 2018