Raise Vegan August 2018 - Page 54

A daily hydrating serum e.g. Edible Beauty No 3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum underneath a light moisturiser, like the ikou Phyto + Antioxi- dant Day Creme is usually best. Be on the lookout for powerful, natural antioxidants to boost hy- dration and protect the skin from environmental damage during the day. You can also use a serum that helps to heal and protect the skin from UV damage like the Leahlani Siren Serum. In addition, a calming and soothing aloe-based gel treatment can offer extra care and replenish the skin overnight. My favorites are the Firming + Gel Mask by iKou and the Edible Beauty Soothe Me Balm. The delicate eye area also benefits from a light but powerful serum after hours of squinting in the sun. Try the botanical and organic Cera- mide + Firming Eye Serum by iKOU. If your skin shows dryness it’s best to use an exfoliant once a week. You can easily make one for your body by mixing brown sugar with coconut oil in a jar and applying it onto damp skin in the shower or bath. For the face, try something with natural AHA and BHA extracts, these create a ra- diant glow by exfoliating away the dry skin. Ultra Radiance Face Polish by iKOU is a great product that is effective, yet gentle. For sunburned skin I recommend the CV SKinlabs Rescue+Relief Spray. This is a miracle worker that belongs into every bathroom cabinet. It’s an advanced therapy for burned, wounded and irritated skin. Hypoallergenic and free of toxins, it’s the best treatment for truly inflamed skin conditions ][Y^H\H[\X ]8&\\XX[H[H]]Y\[H^BK]\[X[Y[Y܈[\]Y[YX][ۈ^\K[\\\X]Y[[\]\YH[ZX[܈\Z\X[B\ˈY][ۘ[K]8&\[[X^[XB[Y\][˂]8&\HZ[[ZH[][[ۈ]ܚ[[H[XܘX]]Y[H[H[[H[[›܈H\Kܙ[X[[]X\\\KB]KYYH[H\H[ ]\Hۙ\[؈\˜[Y\\[X]Y[ \H\YYݙ\\[\X]]Y[ [B\Y[HYݙ\YH[][ۈ\[[BYY[[] ^H]\]\\H[H\KB[H\]ZYZ[\[[\H\^]Z[H]\[][ۋ\H[\H[[H[\[&\›]\[X]]H[]H^HY][[ܙYKB[Y\[\[[\Y܋]\HX\H\[H[XZ[Z[[\[KBY\[HY\[[\X]]HY L B]X[[Y[MZ\HY[UQT N[[\\H ]YZYݙ\YB[K[Y[[Y\[\X]]Y[ Y\[[Hو[YH[H[[Y[H[]ZY]YX\[H[\[YYوYB\[\Y[Y\]8&\[˂X[K\H\[X[[HوY[[ܝY[KYYHX]Z[XH[[H] ]\Hٙ\[ۘ[[\][ۘ[XZ]\\\[ܙY[X]]B^\\Y[Y^H]\[XKXX[^[[ܝY[KYYHXZ]\[[\HXH[XX\ܚ[XZ]\X\\\\\[\ۛYHو[][ܙ[X[X]]Y[ \[Z[x&\ܙY[][\^HۈZ\]YHXY