Raise Vegan August 2018 - Page 34

If there is one message that you could share with the world to help other young people go vegan, what would it be? My favorite motto is, “no animal was harmed in the making of my meal”, which I think is something to aspire to. Also, just having compassion and love for not only the people around you but also for all living things. I think it is really special to be able to have that compassionate connection with animals as well. You have such a beautiful spirit and upbeat personality, do you feel that having a vegan and cruel- ty-free life has helped to shape that? I think that it definitely helps when your body and mind are clean and free and feel wonderful. I think the main thing that keeps me so positive and ground- ed is my faith. I’m really true to myself and my beliefs and I would never do anything that would jeopardize what I believe in. You know, just having my fami- ly around me is so wonderful, and having my faith on top of that allows me to stay very grounded and happy; I always have someone or something to turn to when I feel lost. Okay, we’re going to let you get back to saving the world, but one last thing, what is your favorite snack? Carrots and hummus are my go to on set! Catch up with Aubrey on Instagram @officialaubreymiller & Twitter @aubreykmiller 34 Raise Vegan AUGUST 2018