Raise Vegan August 2018 - Page 30

It comes down to planning, preparing, and DIY’ing. Here’s how I do it: {Full disclosure — Phoenix and I now eat mostly the same foods. I like spicy foods with a kick so I will make one batch for her first and then add jalapeño, truffle salt, or sriracha to mine.} Meal Plan And Meal Prep Plan food, not meals for 2-3 days at a time. Phoenix can be picky, so I prepare dishes not meals. By doing so, I can mix and match foods according to what she feels like eating while ensuring she gets all the nutrition she needs. I prepare food on Sundays and Wednesdays. Single Parenting Plant-Based Kids on a Budget I’ve been a single mother and a small-business owner for my daughter’s entire life. One of the greatest [[\وZ[H]X[ X\[\›ۙ\\\ˈ\H\[ x&]HY[ۈHXY] ^\[]Y\]Y[XYH[ HH[H\HۂHJBY\]XX[[\܈]Y\[\\X\] XH\[^\˜]\]H[\Y\&\X\]KX\\[Y\[]]^H]Y\[^ Z\x&]H[\ܛ\HY]ۂ\[ L H[۝[ [و\ܛ\Y\\Hܙ[X[\˂Z\HY[UQT N KL8%[Yو ͍H[ܙY[[[‰ 8%[و[B 8%[وY]‰ KL8%XYو][Y\܈XB 8%\H܈Y]]\BX[YY ˎN8%[X H]]YY 8%HوXXH܈]Z[B H8%HوY]][\\B8%ܙY[ZXH [\KܙY[\\[X[X\H[ܘ[HZXB]ݙ\[[[\܈HYZ][]\YHو H\YX[