Raise Vegan August 2018 - Page 26

RV. DIRECTORY The oat-based milk alternative that looks like milk and acts like milk, but it isn’t milk. Made from Swedish oats, it contains fibre for your heart and aids digestion, contains a realistic amount of good protein and is naturally low in saturated fat. How about that? Oatly has now also branched out beyond the world of milk alternatives, with its range of custard, crème fraiche and cream substitutes to provide an even more extensive range of yummy, plant-based dairy alternatives. The original idea behind Oatly was to find a way to make an alter- native, nutritious liquid product for people who didn’t like cow’s milk or were unwilling to use it for personal reasons. Today, the concept of producing a drink directly from oats, instead of first feeding oats to a cow and letting the cow process them into milk, is an option. But back when we started in the 1990s, most people thought we were totally crazy. We were happy to be ahead of the game thoug [^Hx&\H[H[YH[H]]™[HXY\Y HXZ[]X[]HX\Yۈ]™܈]\[ۙH[KۘHH]]HY[\\Y H\HH[\]YH[][Y^Hو\[[H]]KYX[X\\H\[B[\YX ]KYX[\HX[HX]\H^H\Bۛۈ܈[[\\\[YHYY\Y\^H[][[X[YHY\][ ^x&\H]BYH]H[K[]8&\ۛHH\وHXX\ ܈]XYY[H[ K܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈXY˛]KK[\x&\][[\x&\][X\H[Hو][YKY[ L H]\[]Y\H[ܘ[B[ܜ] RˈH[\]YH]\X[][ۜ˜\HXYH]HZ\YY\Z][Y]X\XXZHH]][\Y][X[\˜XZ٘\܈ۘX˂PUNSTTUSBSPRS[[\\][BZ\HY[UQT N]\[H[HZXB[H ZXK[\HH] [HXZH]X[H[[قY\•\[XX[[][HYKXB[HXYHH[H[[Y[[[K\]\[H[™[]H[[ZY\\[[YX[[YB]]Z[H]\[Y]\HXB[HZ^[]]Z]ZXH][Hܘ][܈Y\BۘXˈ]Y&]Y[HY\ԂY][\Ԉ\YXX[\Ԃ\YXX[]\Ԉ\YXX[\\B]]\H]\[HZXHY\ZYH]YY^YZ]XZ[]\[BY][X[HH]\H][]YKPUN]\[K˝Z‘SPRS[YP]\[K˝Z”\‘]\[HH NLH[Hق]Z[]HY[][ۈ܈B]ݙ\H[X[\\و\˂]8&\Hۙ[YH[HوXBX\HHXZH\H[\XH\Z[ܙ\[X[H\YYY K\\H][۸&\]\]H\ BKX\X]\Hو\[[[\œ\[ZY0YXXZHHZ[BX\ ][HX]\[HقH[\KYH[[HBZYۙ\وHܛBPUN˜\˘˝Z”ӑN   M L