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Potty Training Tips D on’t force it! Starting before they’re ready might backfire and can even cause long-lasting anxiety in some children. Wait until they show interest, like being curious about the toilet, and are able to communicate that they need to eliminate. This can range any- where from 18 months to 4 years of age. R ead books aimed at explaining potty training. Seeing their favorite characters use the restroom can help make the process seem more familiar and less intimidating. G o “cold tofurkey.” Ditching the diapers, skipping the pull- ups, and going straight to regular under- wear might seem overwhelming at first, but can be a more effective way to transition in the long run. T ime it! Taking your kiddo to use the bathroom every 20 to 30 minutes if they’re going from diapers to undies can help avoid many accidents. Just remember that accidents are bound to happen, especially in the begin- ning! K iddie Potty. If you decide to get a training toilet, setting it up in the living room or their bed- room may make it easier for them to use. Once they get the hang of it, move it into the bathroom and allow them to choose whether they want to use their training potty or the regular toilet. T If you’re new to the world of potty training like I am, knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. After doing some research, as the transition from diapers to underwear seems to be on the horizon for my little veg- an, I wanted to share a few suggestions to help navigate these unfamiliar waters. Siri Steven thevegansteven.com @thevegan.steven @thevegansteven33 each both sexes to sit down when urinating. For boys, it can be tough to learn to pee standing up at first. It’s better to take it slow than to push them past their limits in the beginning. (And much less messy!) Let them choose new “big kid” underwear as an incentive for their hard work. It can make the process more rewarding for both of you if they feel acknowledged for their efforts. R eward them using positive encouragement! Try stickers, or special treats like dairy-free chocolate chips. Some parents have given pennies when their kids have successfully used the bathroom. These can be collected in a piggy bank and cashed in at a later date for a well-deserved thrifted toy or treat. RAISEVEGAN.COM Raise Vegan 23