Raise Vegan August 2018 - Page 15

Long Island Farm Sanctuary A non-profit 501(c)(3), was founded by a group of passionate individuals who’s shared dream is to provide a safe and peaceful environment for animals rescued from the farmed animal agricul- ture industry. Their belief is that all life, big and small, deserves comfort, safety and love. The mission of LIFS is to provide care and refuge for rescued animals, while promoting compassionate lifestyle choices, and advocating for animal rights. Long Island is surrounded by the slaughterhouses of New York City, petting zoos, back yard/small farm operations, people keeping chickens for eggs and buying small animals temporarily as holiday gifts. These are a few examples of why there are countless animals in need of sanctuary due to neglect, abuse or abandonment. Along with providing animal care, they will also be a sustainable farm where they grow organic fruits and vegetables in greenhouses and organ- ic fields. They will use solar, wind and rain collection to provide power for the sanctuary. In addition, there will be educational classes and workshops on a vari- ety of topics such as routine practices of the farm industry, veganic and permaculture farming practices, environmental impact, animal welfare, veganism 101, and easy plant-based cooking. There will be an event barn for various events and a vegan public kitch- en, both available as rentals via donations. There will also be café on the premises where visitors can eat delicious plant-based food, sip on coffee and relax while taking in the beautiful scenery. Long Island Farm Sanctuary is a large, upscale destination for all ani- mal-lovers of all ages. It is a place to meet new people and animal friends as well as a place to learn new things. LIFS wants to bring the commu- nity together by spreading compassion and kindness. They will also be accepting applications for volunteers for animal rescue, animal care, marketing, fundraising and events. Long Island Farm Sanctuary is on its way to opening their barn doors, but they are looking for interested donors (all donations are tax-deduct- ible). Along with their big hearts to help all of the animals that need them, LIFS is also in need of financial support. They have been working tirelessly on fundraising events, one of them being Long Island’s biggest Summer VegFest on August 4th. If you or anyone you know is interested in volunteering or donating to this beautiful sanctuary please check out their website WWW.LONGISLANDFARMSANCTUARY.COM INFO@LONGISLANDFARMSANCTUARY.COM RAISEVEGAN.COM Raise Vegan 15