Railway School Journal Volume 2 - Page 7

English Club Activities

European Day of Languages

On 26 September 2016 the European Day of Languages was marked at Students Square in Belgrade with a variety of educational, cultural and music programmes. The aim of the celebration is to promote linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe and learning new languages.

A group of students from four-grade classes of the Railway Technical School took part is this amazing event, accompanied by their EFL teacher Višnja Minčev. The students had the opportunity to visit the stands of numerous cultural centers of foreign embassies operating in Belgrade and to be informed about learning foreign languages, as well as about history and culture of those countries. Particular attention was paid to the Goethe Institute, a German cultural centre and to the Spanish Institute Cervantes.

The students were especially interested in the promotion activities of Erasmus+, a program for mobility of students and teachers. The most interesting part of the celebration was the quiz about customs, cultures and languages of European countries, so that students could have checked their knowledge and learned some new facts.

Katarina Calić and Sanja Vujić, class 4/2

Katarina Calić and Sanja Vujić, class 4/2