Railway School Journal Volume 2 - Page 5

Best in English Competition

Best in English Competition is an international online competition in English language, organized by the Czech Institute for Competencies Development and supported by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The competition is intended for secondary school students and the test is aligned with the range of B1 to C2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Around fifteen thousand students from twenty countries participated in the competition. More than twenty students of the Railway Technical School took part in this online testing of language skills. Participation of our students was organised by English language teachers Višnja Minčev, Dragana Kitanović and Nikola Dmitrić, who proudly emphasise the students’ enthusiasm and motivation for learning English and improving their language skills.

The Day of Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages Day is a traditional manifestation, held every year in December at the Singidunum University. This event includes the competition of third- and fourth-grade students of secondary schools. They had a task to create a 10-minute presentation or a sketch on one of two topics. The team of the Railway Technical Schools consisted of two members – Angelina Avramović, class 3 2 and Tijana Mićović, class 3 1-2. Under the supervision of their mentor, English language teacher Višnja Minčev, they created a presentation titled “Serbs Through the Eyes of Foreigners”. Despite the mild stage fright, Angelina and Tijana were very confident and they presented their work to the jury and to the large audience in the best way possible. They won fourth place and a set of books both for themselves and the school library.