Rail Analysis India June Digital Magazine 2018 - Page 64

66 | Exclusive Interview EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH MR. Phillip Barker Please share your experience in the railway sector along with working for Rail Safety Consulting Australia? What are the solutions you are providing to the railway industry? Like many others, I started my career at a Government owned and operated railway. These organisations were large and presented to an employee all the vital activities associated with railway operations - train operations, network operations control, engineering, customer service and of course, safety management. Phillip Barker Director www.railanalysis.com From the middle of the 1990s, Australia moved towards open access and competition which ultimately led to many new or privatised railway operators and the vertical separati on of railway network management and train operators. The move towards privatisation of railways in Australia presented an opportunity to gain experience in areas that may not necessarily have been available at a Government railway. With privatisation came Rail Safety Regulation and Independent Accident Investigation – two key areas in which I would further my career and railway experience – as a Senior Transport Safety Investigator and ultimately as the Director of Rail Safety Regulation. www.railanalysis.com