Rail Analysis India June Digital Magazine 2018 - Page 60

62 | Interview Interview | 61 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH MR. Martien Janse of this game since 2008. This daily reality is the cradle for many of our proven, tested and implemented innovations. • Smart maintenance services – on the one hand to prevent failures; on the other hand to prioritise maintenance and renewal operations • Our roots lie in the Netherlands, a country with the busiest rail network in Europe. The Dutch rail network is so busy and intensely used that it actually resembles a metro system the size of an entire European country due to its sheer number of trains and density of track. With the experience and knowledge built up in the Netherlands we have been able to maintain and improve the railway infrastructure in the liberalised Swedish market as a European company. We are the no 1 private railway company in Sweden. Optimise possession times by eliminating maintenance activities (e.g. 50 registered tamping actions at one specific location) or efficient use (bundling activities) • POSS monitoring – Capturing data about possible failures, prevent failures by analysing the data and predict maintenance using algorithms The rail system situation in the Netherlands: Some data about our maintenance contracts in Sweden: • • 7,000 km mainlines • 7,071 points 2,259 km heavy rail, 65 km light rail, 110 km metro rail, 2,819 points, 871 bridges Measurement and inspection systems – Capturing data about possible failures, prevent failures by analysing the data and predict maintenance using algorithms • Over 1 million passengers a day • ZKL 3000 RC – Shortening possession times and increase safety for employees • 3.3 million train movements a year • 17.5 billion passenger kilometres a year • Renewals: Efficient upgrades of substructure rail • 820 km tram and metro lines • 500 km industrial lines In the Netherlands, we currently maintain: Please tell us more about the Strukton's footprint in global railway market? What is the position of Strukton in global rail industry? Martien Janse Managing Director Strukton Rolling Stock www.railanalysis.com Rail infrastructure: Railway maintenance in the Netherlands has been liberalized, with performance driven contracts. As the market leader in the Netherlands when it comes to railway maintenance, we have had to deal with ever stringent contractual requirements to guarantee better track performance and safer working conditions in increasingly less time and continued to make money out of the contract. We have been on top 2.800 km heavy rail, 60 km light rail, 2.500 km catenary, 2.000 points, 732 overhead crossings, 671 bridges. Our home countries are Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. We are also established in Australia, China, India and the United States and have projects all over the world. What kind of rail products are you manufacturing and providing globally? Are you providing any solutions for High Speed Rail projects? We offer various proven solutions for both main lines, light rail and high-speed lines, including: www.railanalysis.com