Rail Analysis India June Digital Magazine 2018 - Page 6

FEEDBACK BY OUR READERS FROM THE Editor’s desk June Edition 2018 Mr. Kumar Keshav, MD - Lucknow Metro : Rail Analysis is already doing a good job in disseminating information related to Metro and Railways Project across the Country and the Globe. I wish it continues its journey like this and spreads knowledge and awareness on different subjects related with the industry in a prolific way. Dear Reader, We are pleased to share our magazine for June 2018 with latest updates on the industry. We would like to Conratulate Kochi Metro Team for completing one year of successful operations of Kochi Metro, Read More about it inside. Mr. Subrat - Director India and Asia Pacific at Talgo : Rail Analysis is doing a great job in Railway sector. I think this kind of articles will give ideas to entrepreneurs to develop supply base that will help in make in India initiative and make India a manufacturing hub across sectors. Also, Our congratulations to Delhi Metro Team on the Inauguration of the remaining stretch of the Green Line this month. This stretch shall increase the footprint of Delhi Metro to 288 km+. We are grateful to the CII Team for allowing us to be a Media Partner for their very well organized Rail Contact Event in New Delhi this month. Mr Nagarajan , Segment Lead - Railways & Metro - Jindal Stainless Limited : Rail Analysis provides one spot solution for all updates in Railway & Metro Projects with key market insights. We also get Technical consultation from their Empowered Panels. Their Team is so friendly and reachable whenever we need them . I strongly recommend Rail Analysis to all the Railway Companies to promote their products. Mr Murthy, Strategic Alliances Strategy & Business Development - Tata Projects Limited : Rail Analysis is indeed a very useful vehicle for rail industry and provides a platform to connect with rail industry, infra and technology companies and organizations across the world. The information provided in the Insights and website is very informative and I believe of immense value to the railway industry in India and overseas markets. I do hope and look forward to this company moving forward to become the leading business tool for the railway industry. Phillip Barker ( Director in Rail Safety Consulting Australia ) : Your magazine provides the rail industry with valuable information on the wide variety of projects and innovation in India. It show-cases the services, expertise and innovation currently being applied to the many railway projects. Those organisations desirous of entering the Indian railway market also benefit from this valuable insight provided by Rail Analysis India. www.railanalysis.com Note : We shall also be compiling a Special Edition for INNOTRANS 2018 and Incase you are interested to be a part of it, email us at magazine@railanalysis. com. We shall be pleased to collaborate on the same. Recently, New Metro Projects have been approved in principle by the government such as Delhi Metro Phase-4 and Metro Projects in Bhopal, Indore, Kanpur, Agra and Meerut . Further, A committee has been constituted under the chairmanship و KܙYY\[܈[\^][ۈ[[Y[^][ۈ[Y]Z[ B[Z]YH\^XYXZ]]\ܝ[ [۝ˈXY[ܙHX]][\XY^[KHH[H[\\YH]Z]H[ܛX][ۘ[[Y\[H\]Y]H[X[X\] H[ZH[[H۝X]ܜ[\[Y\\HH\ق\Y][ۈ[\X]Y]\ˈHܙX]H\XX]H[\\ܝ[H۝[YH\Xܘ][ۈ\\H[HY\[ۜ܈\X\B]\ۛ]Y]ܐZ[[[\\˘K[\[K[Y\X[YYY]܂Z[[[\\[XBY]Y [Y[X\YHX\\[\[Y\X[ۈZ[و\[X]XڙX[ۜ[Y][[Y][[XH  L\KLKB[\X[\XK][KLLL []X\\] ̋P\H][YKZ[Z\\][H H [XKY]܈[Y\X[HSŠ M L[Y\ ̈ݙ\•[ LNN LNMMNN  LNN LNMMNNB[XZ[[Z[[[\\˘H ˜Z[[[\\˘B˜Z[[[\\˘