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that is the home of a radio segment Rag House Radio created to empower, encourage, support and promote women in music, sports and entertainment. The all women crew consists of a woman sound engineer/co host Alina Zimmon, a drummer for an all girl band Hoity Toity out of Yucaipa and intern for Rag Kelsey Caselden and a host and supporter of women doing stuff April Duran.

Every Thursday the once one hour segment promoted to two hours hosts awesome and amazing girls and women from all over to share their stories and their talents LIVE on air to any listener in the world who has access to the internet. Rag House Radio has had many guests of all levels local and world known all for the sake to let people know how bad ass females can do and be what they want!

You can tune in to Rag House Radio on kaoticradio.com via the app or on Kaoticradio.com website to listen to the stories, struggles and success of these awesome human beings. The live radio segment is a fairly new show founded in September of 2015 although its awareness has grown and its power is no where near its end.

Jump on kaoticradio.com for Rag House Radio's schedule of live segments. Also, if you or someone you know is a girl or woman working hard in music, sports and entertainment and is in the Los Angeles area and wants to be a guest please email raghouserecords@gmail.com. Rag House Radio appreciates your support and interest and can not wait to share what's ahead in the future!


Rag House Radio




30 miles east of down town Los Angeles there is an online radio station named Kaoticradio.com

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Photos By: Crystal Carrera