RagMag April 2016 Spring 2016 - Page 2


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Rag Rhymes - 8

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Editor -

Lucille Duran

Photographer -

Crystal Carrera

Creative Assistant

Graphic Designer

Creative Writer -

Shellie A. Smith - Glam Graphics


Founder/CEO - April Duran

While in college I briefly interned for a magazine that highlighted people in sports and music. Shuffling through the past and current issues I couldn't help but notice one major thing. 99% of the stories were about boys and men with an occasional mention of a young girl or woman's accomplishments. That was in 1996 and now it's 2016 and guess what nothing has really changed! I told myself back then that if I ever had a chance to highlight girls and women and their accomplishments and their stories I would do it in a heart beat!

I bring to you the beginning of RagMag created to empower girls and women from all around the world in music, sports and entertainment! Ladies and gentlemen I hope you enjoy what is about to unfold in this issue and in many more. This magazine is long overdue, much needed and definitely necessary! Let's celebrate these young ladies and women and what they have worked so hard for. Cheers to you and the driving force that has been the complete reason RagMag has been created.


April Duran

Rag House