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Born & Raised in Los Angeles, CA and Rialto ILL CAMILLE has not quite adjusted to the Daylight Savings Time so with Palm trees in full view her current mood is definitely “chill”…feeling a little optimistic about everything in my life at this point, especially my music she says.

ILL CAMILLE has always been involved in music, studied it, loved it, and experimented with it since a toddler, she just never committed to actually being an artist until her mid twenties 2010/2011. I am late to the whole becoming-an-artist thing says ILL. I’ve always been involved in music, I’d have to say Mykestro was the most influential in helping me to transition into the music world full time. He made me feel like I was the greatest emcee, even with me being so new to it all. So between him and encouragement I got from my family, I decided to stop “sleeping” on myself and just do it.

iLL Camille's first LP was “The Pre-Write” and she released it on March 16th, 2011. Besides the front cover of the album being so dope, I was happy to have some of my favorites part of that album says iLL. Iman Omari has been rocking with me since I started. Dj Battlecat had a strong hand in that. My homegirl Alori Joh (RIP). Javonte, producers Willie B, Tae Beast and Terrace Martin of course. Jairus Mozee. Bj the Chicago Kid. Tiffany Gouche. A lot of dope musicians.

Her second LP is called “iLLUSTRATED”, and many of the same folks she worked with on the last album contributed to this one like Dj Battlecat, Terrace Martin…Bj. Around that time Rapsody and iLL Camille were building heavily so she got on a song with her called “Same Lights”. My boy Ty Dolla$ign also blessed her for a song called “With Love” produced by JLBS. Me and Dj Dahi collaborated as well. This is the last album iLL released, so these next couple of projects will definitely be worth the wait!

Right now iLL Camille is in the process of putting the finishing touches on her “iLLUSTRATED B-Sides”. It’s been a long time coming, for real she says. There was a period where all I wanted to do is just learn the album constructing process and step back away from my own music so I could improve it…get my sound to become more “complete”. It’s been a few years, so in this time, I’ve went through so much in and outside of these records that I’m definitely looking forward to everyone being able to hear the growth, my story.




Photo By: Marlin A. Munoz

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