RagMag April 2016 Spring 2016 - Page 12

I asked Emily from Tacocat how they came up with such an original name.

She said in the beginning the members of "Tacocat" had a list of palindromes and someone said “Hey Tacocat sounds like what a grade-schooler would name their band”… so of course it was perfect! This was the beginning of this amazing band and their members.

Members of Tacocat and their spirit animal:

Emily Nokes/Vocals- My patroness would be a hummingbird for sure. I love bright colors and get very excited about sugar.

Eric Randall/Guitar- Lelah and I both think Eric’s would be a wolf.

Lelah Maupin/Drums- Lelah just told me hers would probably be a squirrel, or maybe a sea otter - both would be accurate.

Bree McKenna/Bass- Bree says she would be a manticore, which is a mythological lion with wings, which may be cheating because now maybe we should all be something mythological.

Tacocat is loved not only for their talent but also because they are unique, fun and colorful! We couldn’t wait to hear what was in store with their 3rd LP release “Lost Time” in April 2016.

We asked if there were any special events or people who inspired any of their new songs? “Oh yes, there are always people and events that inspire”, said Emily. “Actually, I can tell you the catalyst for every song on the album, in order”.

1.Dana Katherine Scully-Dana Scully from the X-Files.

2. FDP- the first day of your period.

3. I Love Seattle-how much we love Seattle.

4. I Hate The Weekend- how much we hate gentrifying tech jerks who ruin the weekend for service workers.

5. You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit-getting dumped by a person who you totally assumed you would dump first because they’re so high maintenance.

6. The Internet- internet trolls.

7. Plan A, Plan B- the Plan B pill.

8. Talk- talking and dancing all night in your living room with your friends.

9. Men Explain Things To Me-mansplaining.

10. Horse Grrls- horse girls.

11. Night Swimming- getting the beach to yourself in the middle of the night.

12. Leisure Bees- choosing your own path even when it’s harder / less “normal.” <3.

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