Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 88

292. SIX WATERCOLOR BIBLICAL SCENES FROM A 16TH CENTURY BIBLE, comprising: “Jacob Kisses Rachel” “Jacob is Embraced by His Son Joseph” “Commanding David be Thrown Into the Fire” “Aaron Returns” “Adam and Eve Disobeying the Command” “Esau Angry with Jacob Over Rachel” 7 ¼ in. x 5 ¼ in. 293. 17TH CENTURY DUTCH PORCELAIN BOWL, with blue decoration on a white ground of a duck within foliage, surrounded by two animal heads, tassels, foliage and geometric patterns. The underside with simple blue symbols. The bowl was recovered from the wreck of the Dutch East-Indiaman sunk off the island of St. Helena in 1613. Height 2 ½ in. Diameter 8 ¼ in. 85