Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 81

260. ROSEWOOD YARDSTICK, 19th Century, inlaid with whalebone ends and lozenge inlays at spaced intervals. Length 36 in. Provenance: Northeast Auctions, Portsmouth, NH 29 May 1993, Lot 176 261. SCRIMSHANDED WHALEBONE TWO-FOOT RULER, engraved numerals and divisions, signed verso “F. Manapsal”. Length 24 in. Provenance: Northeast Auctions, Portsmouth, N.H. 29 May 1993, Lot 169 262. EXOTIC HARDWOOD YARDSTICK, 19th Century, contrasting wood and whale ivory inlays with central monogram “M.F.Y.”. Length 36 in. Provenance: Nina Hellman, Nantucket, MA 263. WHALEBONE AND IVORY MARKING GAUGE, 19th century, the oval ivory plate brass mounted and adjusting with thumb screw along a D-section whalebone shaft with brass scriber. Length 8 in. Provenance: Frank Sylvia, Nantucket, MA 264. SAILOR SCRIMSHANDED WHALEBONE CORSET BUSK, 19th century, engraved with figures of three children playing musical instruments. Length 14 in. Provenance: Rafael Osona Auctions, Nantucket, MA 22 August 1992, Lot 184 265. TWO PAIRS OF SAILOR MADE KNITTING NEEDLES, 19th century, the longer pair with baleen shaft, the shorter pair with wood shaft, both with multiple bands of exotic woods, whale ivory and baleen, turned ivory finials, one ending in cups and the other in acorns. Length 17 in. and 14 ¼ in. Provenance: Nina Hellman, Nantucket, MA 78