Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 74

232. NEST OF SIX ARTHUR D. WILLIAMS (1867-1920) NANTUCKET LIGHTSHIP BASKETS, circa 1910-1920, oval form with shaped swing handles, copper riveted to a cut metal ear, single rim wrap, cane weavers, cherry base. Five interior baskets with hand written paper labels “Lightship Baskets Made by A.D. Williams, 120 Orange St. Nantucket Mass.” Largest Basket: H 7 ½ in. x 15 ½ in. x 12 ¼ in. Smallest: H 5 ½ in. x 7 ¾ in. x 6 in. Provenance: Katherine and Edgar Seeler Collection Rafael Osona Auction Sold 02 August 1997 Sara Jo Kobacker Nantucket Basket Collection Literature: Illustrated Katherine and Edgar Seeler Nantucket Lightship Baskets, 1972 plate #48 233. JOSÉ FORMOSO REYES (19021980) NANTUCKET PICNIC BASKET, circa 1950, deep rectangular form with hinged cane woven top and a conforming woven basket, a continuous wrapped double handle. Height 15 in. Length 17 in. Width 14 ½ in. Provenance: Rafael Osona Auctions, Sara Jo Kobacker, Nantucket, MA 71 234. NANTUCKET OVAL SEWING BASKET, circa 1900, single wrapped rim, two carved heart shaped handles, mahogany base. Height 3 ¼ in. Length 8 ½ in. Width 6 in. 235. RARE GREEN PAINTED NANTUCKET BA SKET, circa 1860, retaining original green paint, most likely used for picking berries, maker unknown. Height 6 in. Diameter 7 in.