Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 73

229. NEST OF SEVEN ROLAND FOLGER (1848-1920) NANTUCKET BASKETS, circa 1890, round form and dark patina, double wrapped rim, arched swing handle fastened to a cut metal ear, all stenciled “R. Folger Maker Nantucket, Mass.” Smallest Height 4 in. Diameter 6 in. Largest Height 8 ½ in. Diameter 12 ½ in. Provenance: Rafael Osona Auctions, Nantucket, MA 03 August 2002, Lot 176 Sara Jo Kobacker, Nantucket, MA 230. ROLAND FOLGER (NANTUCKET 1848-1920) ROUND OPEN SWING HANDLE BASKET, circa 1880, double wrapped rim with carved wood stave ears extending almost to the bottom plate and riveted to a shaped arched handle, cherry bottom, the interior stenciled “R. Folger Maker Nantucket, Mass.” Height 4 ½ in. Diameter 6 ¾ in. 231. O.C. COFFIN LABELED NANTUCKET ROUND SEWING BASKET, last quarter of the 19th Century, double handles, 3 concentric circles carved in base, single rim wrap and original paper label on base “Manufactured by O.C. Coffin, Formerly of South Shoal Lightship”. Height 3 ½ in. Diameter 8 ½ in. 70