Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 67

217. HIGHLY IMPORTANT AND MOST DESIRABLE FINE QUALITY, ARTISTIC AND INFORMATIVE SPERM WHALE TOOTH, circa 1838, attributed to the master scrimshander T. L. Albro. Deeply engraved on one side with a detailed whale ship cutting in with a whale alongside, whalemen on deck and on crow’s nest exclaiming “there she blows”, interrupting the phrase “View of Cutting a Sperm Whale” – “A Whale Spout” above the horizon with spout on waterline. To the left of the stern is a mountain range and ships in the distance. Above is engraved “Eoua Isl.”, and latitude and longitude and a sun with a face. The reverse engraved with a ship in full sail and a figure in the crow’s nest. The phrase “View of a Sperm Whale just harpooned – Ship John Coggeshall of Newport, RI” above an active whaling scene of whale and three long boats, a spout on the horizon. On the bottom edge of the tooth between the scenes is a fine full portrait of a sperm whale with a double fluke harpoon and the phrase, “A Large Sperm Whale Will Make 100 lbs Oil.” Length 7 ¾ in. 64