Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 64

208. AMERICAN SAILOR SCRIMSHANDED WHALE TOOTH, circa 1840, engraved throughout with an American fully rigged ship above the seal of the United States and an eagle holding a “Liberty – Constitution” banner in it’s beak, above a gentleman’s portrait flanked by cornucopias and American flags; the verso with a single leaf flower above a whaler cutting in and two whalers, whale and two whaleboats on the water. Sawtooth borders at the base of the tooth; Between the scenes is a sailing ship with her stunsail set sailing toward the viewer above a spouting sperm whale, the outer tooth’s edge with a foliate vine. Height 5 ½ in. 209. SAILOR CARVED WHALE IVORY FIST WALKING STICK, 19th century, a massive detailed carved fist atop a hardwood shaft inlaid with alternating whale ivory and baleen triangles at the collar, and two abalone dot inlays below. Length 41 ¼ in. Provenance: The Howland Family of New Bedford 210. SAILOR CARVED WHALE IVORY AND WHALEBONE ARCHITECTURAL WALKING STICK, mid 19th century, octagonal shaped grip with red sealing wax circular inlay at the top, the shaft carved of a single piece of whalebone. Length 37 ¾ in. Provenance: The Howland Family of New Bedford. 61