Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 63

206. PAIR OF RARE BIFURCATED SCRIMSHANDED WHALE TEETH, 19th century, mounted as contemporary bookends, one tooth engraved with a mourning scene, rising angels in the sky above a bereaved woman and her two children standing in front of a tombstone with weeping willows in the background, the second with a brooding interior domestic scene depicting a seated woman in early Victorian dress with a kneeling child at her side, the room around them filled with furniture and accessories, the windows shuttered. Woman and child appear to be the same as illustrated in the first tooth. Height 7 ¼ in. and 7 in. Provenance: By descent in the family of Isaac Tripp. Isaac Tripp III was born at Harwich, Ma. on May 29, 1827 and died in Rochester, Ma on Dec. 16, 1897. Mr. Tripp was a professional mariner who shipped on approximately a dozen whaling voyages between 1842-1868. 207. “BRITANNIAN ARTISAN” SCRIMSHANDED SPERM WHALE TOOTH, mid 19th century, deeply incised and richly inked with the seated figure of Britannia in an oval reserve surmounted by a trophy of rifles, sabers and halberds centered by Union Jacks, the verso with complementary depiction of Calliope playing the harp, the British lion flanked by flags top the oval reserve, with leafy branches, zigzag and stippled borders all around. Length 6 in. 60