Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 61

199. SAILOR MADE WHALE IVORY AND BALEEN “GARDEN OF EDEN” PIE CRIMPER, 19th century, serpent handle, star centered zigzag jagging wheel, and with the unusual addition of a pastry template intaglio carved with heart on leafy stem (recto) and tulip (verso). Length 7 ½ in. Width 4 ½ in. Note: Apparently carved from a single tooth, though interrupted by separators. 200. INUIT CARVED WALRUS IVORY SHAMAN CHAIN, Northwest Alaska, mid to late 19th century, comprising 32 links, the first carved to resemble a whale’s head and the last a tail, all carved from a single walrus tusk, on contemporary stand. Length 32 in. Note: Chains like this were used as charms by native Alaskan whalers and were often seen attached to baleen cups made to give whales their first drink of water after being caught, a common ritual practice in the coastal Alaskan areas which relied heavily on whaling. 201. “BANKNOTE ENGRAVER” SCRIMSHANDED WHALE TOOTH, circa 1840, large broad tooth, recto with a portrait of a pensive lady seated at a table with an open book wearing a formal dress with puffed sleeves, curly hair and a pair of bracelets, within an elaborate oval geometric frame, an engraved foliate garland encircles the tooth’s tip, a geometric and foliate engraving encircles the base, verso with a simple floral bouquet. Height 6 ½ in. 58