Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 60

195. SAILOR SCRIMSHANDED BALEEN “BOTANICAL” TRINKET BOX, mid 19th century, oval with plain mahogany top and base, the top band delicately incised with birds and botanical specimens depicted in roundels, the box band with two oblong reserves of palatial buildings and seven additional panels of floral and foliate specimens, with rivet fastened triangular joints. Height 2 ½ in. Length 5 ¾ in. Width 4 ¼ in. 197. SAILOR MADE PANBONE OVAL DITTY BOX, circa 1850, mahogany lid and bottom wrapped with a single piece of panbone joined by double line of rivets, the lid inlaid with 4 whale ivory hearts and 1 diamond motif. Height 4 in. Length 7 ¾ in. Width 6 in. 57 196. SAILOR SCRIMSHANDED BALEEN AND MAHOGANY OVAL DITTY BOX, 19th century, incised with bands of vinery, metal-fastened joints, plain wood top and bottom. Height 3 ¾ in. Length 7 ¾ in. Width 5 ¾ in. 198. SAILOR MADE WHALEBONE AND WHALE IVORY INLAID EXOTIC WOOD WORK BOX, mid 19th century, top, front, back and sides of the rectangular case inlaid with a profusion of hearts, stars, crescent moons in whale ivory and bone, baleen and whale ivory pinwheels center ivory ring handles; also tortoiseshell hearts, lozenges of abalone and tortoiseshell, and ivory quarter circle inlays, ivory corner posts and feet, whalebone borders; the lid opens on metal hinges with whalebone strut supports to disclose a compartmented lift-out tray. Height 5 in. Width 12 in. Depth 8 in. Provenance: Rafael Osona Auctions, Nantucket, MA 7 August 2004 Sara Jo Kobacker, Nantucket, MA