Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 57

181. PAIR OF SAILOR SCRIMSHANDED POLYCHROME SPERM WHALE TEETH, 19th century, each engraved recto with a large bird atop a tree stump, amidst luxuriant leafy branches, her companion flies overhead, verso a swan swims on placid water, flanked by overreaching slender trees; mounted together on a rectangular wood plinth. Length 6 ¼ in. and 6 ½ in. 182. SAILOR SCRIMSHANDED WHALEBONE BUSK, mid 19th Century, inscribed and inked in black with geometric motifs and jardinière issuing blossoming vine centering script initials “B.K.W.” Length 14 ½ in. Provenance: Ex-E. Ham Collection, Nantucket Sam Sylvia, Nantucket, MA 183. WHALE IVORY AND WHALEBONE SWIFT, 19th century, turned and scribed cup, pan and ring above a single bone cage on a bone shaft. The clenched fist clamp carved from a single whale’s tooth, the support ring and screw knob with red scribe lines. Overall Length 17 in. Length of Staves 10 in. Provenance: Sam Sylvia, Nantucket, MA 54