Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 56

177. CARVED WHALEBONE SINGLE PULLEY BLOCK, 19th century, with spliced rope strap, turned wood eye and copper rivets. Block Length 6 ¾ in. Overall Length 10 ½ in. Provenance: Rafael Osona Auctions, 6 August 1994 176. NANTUCKET WHALE IVORY AND WHALEBONE SWIFT, 19th century turned spire top cup finial above a single bone cage with ivory and bone shaft supported on a multi-turned and polychromed ivory section and clamp. Overall Length 20 ¾ in. Length of Staves 8 ¼ in. 178. TWO CARVED WHALEBONE BLOCKS, 19th century, one single and one double pulley, with copper rivets and rope straps. Block Length 2 ¾ in. and 3 in. Overall Length 4 ½ in. Provenance: Robert C. Eldred Co. S. Dennis, MA 30 July 1992 Lot 137 Provenance: Paul Madden, Sandwich, MA 179. FIST AND CUFF WHALE IVORY AND ROSEWOOD walking stick, 19th century, carved ivory finial, baleen separator, octagonal tapering upper shaft with alternate ivory and rosewood sections, transitioning into a circular rosewood lower shaft, with ivory tip. Length 36 ¼ in. Provenance: Rafael Osona Auction, Nantucket, MA 07 August 1993, Lot 124a 180. GRASPING HAND WHALE IVORY AND WHALEBONE walking stick, 19th century, rivet fastened knob carved as a right hand gripping a baton detailed with a 5-point and 6-point star at opposite ends, tapered octagonal upper shaft with three baleen separators and a plaited baleen collar, whalebone shaft tapers to round, lacks metal tip. Length 32 ¾ in. Provenance: Sotheby’s New York 17 June 2004, Lot 79 53