Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 55

172. NANTUCKET CALDWELL FAMILY WHALEBONE AND WHALE IVORY SWIFT, mid 19th century, turned and scribed steeple top carved of a single tooth above a ruffle, tortoise diamond collar, multi-piece ivory shaft with baleen and tortoiseshell inlays, two further tortoiseshell diamond collars, an unusual whale ivory clamp of double stylized fluke form with tortoiseshell inlay and polyhedron screw, and terminating in a turned grip. The double whalebone cage with multi-color silk ribbon ties, copper rivets and with parallel scribe lines. Overall Length 25 in. Length of Staves 10 in. Provenance: Sam Sylvia, Nantucket 173. TURNED WHALE IVORY, WHALEBONE AND EXOTIC WOOD walking stick, 19th century, knob and upper shaft incised and inlaid with red and blue wax stringing, contrasting exotic wood separators and turned ebony collar, tapering whalebone shaft. Length 47 ¾ in. Provenance: Rafael Osona’s Barbara Johnson Auction 14 August 1993, Lot 47 174. TURNED WHALE IVORY AND BALEEN wALKINg stick, 19th century, the bulbous head with red wax stringing and inset with baleen ring, the tapered shaft with paired baleen separators and brass tip. Length 35 ¼ in. Provenance: Frank Sylvia, Nantucket, MA 175. WHALEBONE, IVORY AND EXOTIC WOOD cane, 19th century, the curved tapered L-form handle of ivory, the upper shaft ornated with multiple exotic wood and ivory separators, tapering whalebone shaft. Length 32 ½ in. Provenance: Nina Hellman, Katonah, NY 52