Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 52

The Carol and Stephen Memishian 19th Century Scrimshaw Collection Part II Lots 160 through 183 160. SAILOR SCRIMSHANDED SPERM WHALE TOOTH, 19th century, recto stipple engraved with a fashionable beauty beside a fountain of classical inspiration, attended by a flying dove, all below a blossoming rose, verso with an American frigate, a Federal eagle above, on a wood stand. Length 6 ½ in. Provenance: Nina Hellman, Nantucket, MA 161. WALRUS IVORY PIE CRIMPER, 19th century, with tortoiseshell inlaid handle, three-tine fork and five baleen spacers. Length 8 in. Provenance: Paul Madden, Sandwich, MA 162. WHALE IVORY HEART SHAPED NEEDLE HOLDER, 19th century, with heart shaped tortoiseshell inlay, pierced for attachment. Length 2 ½ in. Provenance: Rafael Osona Auctions, Nantucket, MA 16 August 1997 163. WHALE IVORY SQUARE NEEDLE HOLDER, 19th century, pierced with four hearts, on triangular rosewood stand. Height 1 ¾ in. Length 1 ½ in. Stand Length 2 in. Provenance: Nina Hellman, Nantucket, MA Literature: Illustrated p.223, E. Norman Flayderman, Scrimshaw and Scrimshanders, New Milford, CT, 1972 49