Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 49

149. IMPRESSIVE LADY’S NATURAL CEYLON PINK SAPPHIRE RING, with two oval emerald (var. beryl) cabochon accents, set in platinum (stamped “IRID.PLAT.”). Accompanied by American Gemological Laboratories “Prestige Gemstone Report” CS 1075388 dated 02 May 2016. “Natural Corundum Pink Sapphire, Based on available gemological information, it is the opinion of the Laboratory that the origin of this material would be classified as Ceylon (Sri Lanka), No gemological evidence of heat. Nonheated pink sapphires are scarce.” The inner surface of the shank is engraved “E.J.S. June 6, 1945”. The rectangular cushion faceted purplish pink sapphire measures Approx 17.67mm x 14.16mm x 12.21mm Approx. 28 carats + (-) Cabochon accents approx. 4.5mm x 5.5mm 150. FINE NATURAL JADEITE BEAD NECKLACE (GRADE A), comprising 77 graduated beads 3.7mm-9.1mm, secured with one oval jadeite clasp and safety chain. Accompanied by jadeite authenticity report #160407-1 dated April 7, 2016, Mason-Kay Jade Laboratory Inc. Length 18 ½ in. 46