Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 123

450. PAIR OF SAILOR SCRIMSHANDED SPERM WHALE TEETH, 19th century, one engraved and inked with iconic figure of Lady Liberty and Cupid seated with flower filled basket, the other with a dancing girl in exotic costume and draped seated female nude, initialed “CM”. Length 7 ½ in. 451. SAILOR SCRIMSHANDED WHALEBONE CORSET BUSK, 19th century, engraved and inked in red and black with pinwheel flanked by two potted plants, a star centered heart at the top conforms to the shape of the whalebone, a circumscribed six-pointed star enclosing a fivepointed star at the bottom. Length 12 in. 4 52. SAILOR SCRIMSHANDED WHALEBONE CORSET BUSK, 19th century, incised and inked (from top to bottom) with compass rose, flower filled urn, initials “REW”, pinwheel, 2 conjoined hearts pierced by arrows and a 13-point star. Length 13 ¾ in. 453. SAILOR SCRIMSHANDED SPERM WHALE TOOTH, mid 19th Century, inscribed and inked in polychrome recto with an actor in the role of Hamlet and verso the same actor on stage in the costume of a Regency gentleman, flanked by curtains. Length 5 ⅛ in. 120