Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 122

444. SAILOR SCRIMSHANDED DOLPHIN JAW, 19th century, the right and left halves of the mandible engraved, respectively, with figure of Jack Tar standing aboard ship, a view of two warships beyond, and his sweetheart wearing an elaborate gown and framed by a curtain, in wood stand. Length 13 in. Width 6 in. Depth 2 in. 447. SAILOR SCRIMSHANDED POLYCHROME SPERM WHALE TOOTH, circa 1850, small wrap around pictorial, a sperm whale above several ships coming and going from an American armory and village with an American flag above a spread-winged eagle and shield, liberty banner, crossed American and 1st Navy Jack flags above drums, the verso with a fully rigged American whaler on a sawtooth border. Height 5 in. 119 445. CARVED EXOTIC WOOD LOVE TOKEN SEAM RUBBER, 19th century, the handle ornated with patterns of parallel and concentric lines, the ends of the triangular blade are carved with stylized hearts enclosing the letters “H” and “W”, respectively, the pommel is inscribed with a Maltese cross. Length 4 ¾ in. 446. CARVED WHALEBONE SEAM RUBBER, 19th century, nicely elaborated handle with polyhedral finial inlaid with abalone diamond. Length 4 ½ in. 448. NUDE FEMALE CARVED WHALEBONE BODKIN, 19th century, incised coiffure and features, contrasting anatomical details. Length 4 ¼ in. 449. CARVED WHALE IVORY PIE CRIMPER, 19th century, polyhedral finial, tapering octagonal handle, U-shaped support with large and small zigzag jagging wheels. Length 6 ¼ in.