Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 121

441. PAIR OF SCRIMSHANDED HORNS, American, one dated 1880, incised and inked with a variety of motifs, one with a boy and girl in elaborate dress, a frigate flying the Union Jack, a woman’s high button shoe, a “Rosy Cross”, and an arrow pierced heart with the date 1880, the other with profile bust portrait of a woman, frigate above a crown issuing flags of nations, a woman’s shoe, a masonic handshake and anchor, etc. Length 16 in. and 17 in. 442. PAIR OF SCRIMSHANDED HORNS, Scottish, 19th century, incised and inked with figures of Bonne Prince Charlie and Rob Roy MacGregor, respectively, additional motifs include a group of three small children and a courting couple in 17th century dress all within stylized floral and foliate borders. Length 15 in. and 16 in. 443. SCRIMSHANDED POWDER HORN, British, mid 19th century, incised and inked “William Gregan, Greenbrae Lodge, 1855”, above British arms, views of Edinburgh, Britannia and Masonic symbols; with hanging cord. Length 13 in. 118