Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2019 2016 - Page 104

359. 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH WOOLIE, “PORTRAIT OF A SHIP”, depicted within the Order of the Garter, surrounded by allied flags, crown, crossed cannons, roses, thistle and curtain swags, in a 19th c. tiger maple frame. 14 in. x 14 in. 361. 19 CENTURY ENGLISH WOOLIE “PORTRAIT OF THE H.M.S. ARIEL”, depicted in a circular reserve flanked by flags and banners, all within swagged and tasselled curtains; with vFV&w7&BB&F&2FVP&&N( 2WRRg&Rb# +D3cD4TEU%Ttĕ4tĔR( %E$@b%$D44bDRĔ^( &VFVfV@'F76VVBƖVBfw26VFW&VB'&7&vvFF76VVB7W'FVB&66VV&fR6VBƗfR'&6W2# +#bࠣ3c"D4TEU%Ttĕ4tĔP( %E$Bb4bDRĔ^( gV6V6&6VB'W&Vw&VFvF7&vB&6R&VB7W'FVB7W'&VBF2g&RBvB6Ɨ +2 +ࠣ3c2$tRET4UBT5trDR$4UB6&6sVW7V6fW&VBBVvvVBvBV'2आVvB +FWFW"2&fV6SG"FW"W7FFRGV6WB&6WB6V7FfWF3cBET4UB$TBT5trDR$4UB6&6cFV&R&w&6'fVBB6VB7vrFRr7FfVBV'2Vv&R7F&6RVvB +FWFW"&fV6SG"FW"W7FFRGV6WB&6WB6V7FfWF