Racial Profiling Reports 2015 Racial Profiling Report - Page 6

Table of Contents (I) Introduction a) Opening Statement b) Table of Contents c) TCOLE Guidelines d) The Texas Law on Racial Profiling (S.B. 1074) e) The Most Recent Legal Requirements (H.B. 3389) (II) Responding to the Texas Racial Profiling Law a) Institutional Policy on Racial Profiling b) Educational Campaign Relevant to the Complaint Process— Addressing Allegations of Racial Profiling Practices c) Racial Profiling Training of Law Enforcement Personnel d) Report on Complaints Filed Against Officers for Violating the Racial Profiling Law (includes outcome of investigation) e) Police Contact Information Table (2015)/Known Ethnicity and Race of Detained and TCOLE Tier 2 Form f) Table Depicting Baseline Comparison (2015) g) Analysis and Interpretation of Data (2015) (III) Summary a) Checklist b) Contact Information