Racial Profiling Reports 2015 Racial Profiling Report - Page 51

Racial Profiling 3256 1.0 RACIAL PROFILING AND THE LAW 1.1 UNIT GOAL: The student will be able to identify the legal aspects of racial profiling. 1.1.1 LEARNING OBJECTIVE: The student will be able to identify the legislative requirements placed upon peace officers and law enforcement agencies regarding racial profiling. Racial Profiling Requirements: Racial profiling CCP 3.05 Racial profiling prohibited CCP 2.131 Law enforcement policy on racial profiling CCP 2.132 Reports required for traffic and pedestrian stops CCP 2.133 Liability CCP 2.136 Racial profiling education for police chiefs Education Code 96.641 Training program Occupations Code 1701.253 Training required for intermediate certificate Occupations Code 1701.402 Definition of "race or ethnicity" for form Transportation Code 543.202 A. Written departmental policies 1. Definition of what constitutes racial profiling 2. Prohibition of racial profiling 3. Complaint process 4. Public education 5. Corrective action 6. Collection of traffic-stop statistics 7. Annual reports B. Not prima facie evidence C. Feasibility of use of video equipment D. Data does not identify officer E. Copy of complaint-related video evidence to officer in question F. Vehicle stop report 1. Physical description of detainees: gender, race or ethnicity 2. Alleged violation 3. Consent to search 4. Contraband 5. Facts supporting probable cause 6. Arrest 7. Warning or citation issued