Racial Profiling Reports 2015 Racial Profiling Report - Page 50

Racial Profiling Course Number 3256 Texas Commission on Law Enforcement September 2001 Racial Profiling 3256 Instructor's Note: You may wish to teach this course in conjunction with Asset Forfeiture 3255 because of the related subject matter and applicability of the courses. If this course is taught in conjunction with Asset Forfeiture, you may report it under Combined Profiling and Forfeiture 3257 to reduce data entry. Abstract This instructor guide is designed to meet the educational requirement for racial profiling established by legislative mandate: 77R-SB1074. Target Population: Licensed law enforcement personnel in Texas Prerequisites: Experience as a law enforcement officer Length of Course: A suggested instructional time of 4 hours Material Requirements: Overhead projector, chalkboard and/or flip charts, video tape player, handouts, practical exercises, and demonstrations Instructor Qualifications: Instructors should be very knowledgeable about traffic stop procedures and law enforcement issues Evaluation Process and Procedures An examination should be given. The instructor may decide upon the nature and content of the examination. It must, however, sufficiently demonstrate the mastery of the subject content by the student. Reference Materials Reference materials are located at the end of the course. An electronic copy of this instructor guide may be downloaded from our web site at http://www.tcleose.state.tx.us.