Racial Profiling Reports 2015 Racial Profiling Report - Page 44

6. It is important that the clearance of the call be recorded separately from any other police activity:  If the call vehicle or subject stop results in any additional police action (such as an arrest), an additional separate call must be initiated and cleared independent of the vehicle or subject stop call.  Whenever a second call is initiated, the officer must connect the two incidents by listing the traffic or subject stop call number in the “MI” comment area of the second call.  The officer should clear the traffic or subject stop call as soon as reasonably possible in order for all new information to be connected to the correct new call. 7. Special Circumstances: Overtaking/Pursuits without a vehicle stop, stopping suspect vehicles or individuals related to open calls:    C. When an officer engages in overtaking or a pursuit and the vehicle is not finally stopped, it does not qualify as a “vehicle stop” for the purposes of this program. An attempt to stop a vehicle that turns into a pursuit shall be cleared “change to investigation, clear #6). An officer stopping a suspect vehicle or individual related to an open (dispatched) call should carry that stop as part of the open call, and not as a traffic or subject stop. An officer that stops a subject because they witnessed an offense would open a call based on that offense and this program would not apply. The information in each report shall be analyzed and compiled in a report that covers the period January 1 through December 31 of each year, and shall be submitted to the Mayor and City Council no later than March 1 of the following year. Each such report shall include: 1. a comparative analysis of the information compiled by each officer under 414.05A (1)-(8) to:  determine the prevalence of racial / bias-based profiling by peace officers employed by the City; and  examine the disposition of traffic and subject stops made by officers employed by the City, including searches resulting from such stops; and  information relating to each complaint filed with the City alleging that a peace officer employed by the City had engaged in racial / bias-based profiling. (A 01.02.09) 2. The report required by 414.05 may not include identifying information about a peace officer that makes a traffic or pedestrian stop or about an individual who is stopped or arrested by an officer.