Racial Profiling Reports 2015 Racial Profiling Report - Page 43

 (gender) M = Male F = Female  (reason for stop) X = hazardous violation N = non-hazardous violation I = investigative stop  (final outcome) K = arrest, misdemeanor L = arrest, felony C = citation R = released without either a citation or arrest (Note: When an individual is arrested for a felony and misdemeanor, enter the arrest letter L)  (resident status) A = Arlington resident V = Visitor (does not reside in Arlington)  (search outcome) P = consent search, property found Q = consent search, drugs/alcohol found S = consent search, no contraband found T = probable cause search, property found U = probable cause search, drugs/alcohol found V = probable cause search, no contraband found Z = no search conducted (Note: Facts supporting the probable cause for the search (only if probable cause was present and if a search was conducted) must be placed in the “MI” field. If both property and drugs/alcohol were found as the result of a search, the officer will mark the more serious offense of the two.) 5. The six-letter disposition code must be entered in the exact sequence as listed as above and without any commas (or other marks) between the letters.