Racial Profiling Reports 2015 Racial Profiling Report - Page 41

414.05 COLLECTION, COMPILATION, AND REPORTING REQUIREMENTS (Revised 04-09-10) (Revised 12-08-14) A. Each peace officer of the City shall make the following report for each traffic stop and for every subject stop that an officer is not dispatched: 1. a physical description of the driver involved in a traffic stop and a physical description of each person involved in an officer-initiated subject stop, including: a. the person’s gender; b. whether the officer knew the person’s race or ethnicity prior to contact; and c. if the race or ethnicity was unknown prior to the stop, the race or ethnicity as stated by the person. If the person does not state a race or ethnicity, it shall be determined by the officer to the best of their ability; 2. the traffic law or ordinances alleged to have been violated or the suspected offense; 3. whether the officer conducted a search as a result of the stop, and, if so, whether the person detained consented to the search; 4. whether any contraband was discovered in the course of the search and the type of contraband discovered; 5. whether probable cause to search existed and the facts supporting the existence of that probable cause; 6. whether the officer made an arrest as a result of the stop or the search, including a statement of the offense charged; 7. the street address or approximate location of the stop; and 8. whether the officer issued a citation as a result of the stop, including a description of the violation charged. B. The following process shall be adhered to when officers conduct traffic stops or subject stops in which the officer is not dispatched: 1. 2. 3. 4. Officers must checkout on every vehicle and subject stop, via MDC mark out or radio communication with dispatch. A call for service will be initiated automatically for every vehicle and subject stop. Initiating the call requires no additional action by the officer. However, the call must be cleared with a disposition code at the conclusion of the stop. Every officer with a MDC must clear the call on the MDC and not through dispatch. Only an officer without a properly operating MDC will clear the call through dispatch. Every vehicle or subject stop must be cleared with a six-letter sequence. The six- letter sequence captures data in six categories of information: race, gender, reason for stop, whether a search was conducted, final outcome, and resident status. The officer is required to collect the information only on the driver (not the passenger(s)) on a vehicle stop. The officer must collect the information on each subject stop. For example, if 3 individuals are questioned on a subject stop, then there should be three calls opened and closed using the six-letter sequence. The codes are as follows: